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Victoria Christian


Victoria Christian is a self-taught oil painter whose mission is to create art images that deeply move her audience in emotional and spiritual ways. Hence the name “Healing Heart Studio” was created out of a vision to use her gifts to raise consciousness and heal the hearts of her viewers. Through her paintings, she is attempting to transcend the limitations of fear in order to cultivate a world that feels more humane, more connected, more abundant and more sane. She hopes to take people on a journey into their imaginations and cultivate a desire for spiritual awakenings and the expansion of consciousness.

"I want my images to sensitize people to the element of divine magic working in their personal lives and in the world at large. This type of spiritual vision or transcendental experience is highly connected to ones emotional body, which is why my images contain a lot of emotional language." In order to tap into this magical and mystical quality in her paintings, she exaggerates her use of color, contrast and lighting, which aids in her ability to arouse certain emotions in her viewers. Her mission is to tap into the sensation of awe aroused in her while in nature and translate it onto the canvas in a way that speaks to people’s hearts and rekindles a desire to commune with nature. “Too often, we can feel disconnected and trapped in the prison of our own minds, which makes it difficult to truly be in the moment and appreciate all the beauty and abundance on earth.

"Through my art, I hope to exude to my viewers a feeling of connectivity, of oneness with God, with oneself and with nature. It is my hope that my paintings will serve as a reminder of a quality of life that exists amidst all the craziness and chaos in the world. May you receive the magic of my creation not only visually, but in your hearts."

Victoria's artwork is best categorized as "Magic Realism," "Visionary," or "Feminine Mysticism." Magical Realism is an American style of art with Surrealistic overtones. The art is deeply rooted in everyday reality, but has overtones of fantasy or wonder. Jerry Sedly, Editor of New Art International describes Victoria's work as "preserving the gracious tranquility of a scene as a transcendent light gleams its bright and solemn rays over mystical landscapes in the most magical parts of the day. Vivid dreamscapes and bright, fanciful scenes saturated with a clarity of light and intensity of presence distinguish the captivating vistas of Victoria Christian's work. By creating a magical reality more of the Casteneda-sixties than the Tooker-foties, she brings the timelessness of transcendent perception to artistic expression in a new century.


Victoria grew up in the quaint town of Ashland, Oregon where she first began her career as an artist. She received her bachelors of Art in sociology and minored in fine art at Southern Oregon University. After graduation, she moved to Hawaii and got a job working for Christian Lassen, a world reknowned marine artist who inspired her to develop her skills as a painter. Despite her passion for painting, she returned to the mainland to pursue a Masters in Sociology at Northern Arizona University (her other passion). For her thesis, she did research on women artists and identity formation, which is currently being compiled into a book. She currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona and is pursing a diverse career as a painter and freelance writer.

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